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Graduate Education Diversity & Inclusion

Prospective Students

Preparing your Application

When applying to a Graduate Medical program at the University of Cincinnati, please make sure to read the application procedures for each individual program for which you are interested in applying. Find some tips and tools to help with the application process.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of Recommendation are a key component of your application. It is important to thoughtfully consider who will be your recommenders. We recommend that at least one of your recommenders can speak to your ability to have a research career. If you worked in a lab with a PI as well as other staff we would highly recommend having a letter from your PI. You are welcome to submit additional letters from lab managers, graduate students, or post-doctoral fellows.

    Each graduate program may have additional requirements for who your recommenders are and the number of recommendations that you are able to submit.
  • Statement of PurposeYour statement of purpose is your opportunity to share with the admissions committee why you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in your area of interest. We recommend highlighting your past research experience and any awards, as well as your future goals. This statement also gives you the opportunity to highlight how the program you are applying to can help you to achieve your goals and why you are interested in attending the University of Cincinnati.


Contact the program or programs you are most interested in and let them know that you know plan on applying. Many programs are happy to discuss their application process with applicants. We recommend contacting programs the summer before you plan to apply. View the Graduate Application process.

List of Doctoral Programs

The University of Cincinnati offers a variety of Doctoral Programs from Environmental Health (PhD) to  Systems Biology and Physiology (PhD). View the full list of Doctoral Programs within the College of Medicine.


Professor Rhett Kovall (Molecular Genetics) explains to Biomedical Research Day visitors how protein structures are determined via X-ray crystallography. 

Graduate Education Application Information & Deadlines

Applications for most of the graduate programs in the College of Medicine are typically open from late Summer through late Winter; individual programs have slightly different deadlines so it is advisable to check specifically on the program(s) in which you are interested.  A small number of programs have year-round applications so please check for the latest information at