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Supporting the College

Funding Priorities

A continuum of health-related education and research creates an optimal learning environment for the next generation of physicians and scientists. Students and faculty are working to solve health care problems especially within several key diseased-based centers of excellence.

The following are identified key funding priorities of the College, and will only succeed with the support of alumni, volunteer and community leadership and health systems.

Cancer Initiatives

Cancer researcher.The UC Cancer Institute combines the best of the university's research and faculty with UC Health’s excellent clinical programs so innovative, cutting edge research informs multi-disciplinary care.

UC faculty engages in research across the entire spectrum, starting with basic laboratory research to high-throughput screening for drug targets and first-in-human clinical trials. Patients benefit from this bench-to-bedside approach that sets the UC Cancer Institute apart from any other medical provider in the region.

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Heart, Lung and Vascular Initiatives

Cardiovascular diseases researcher.

The UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute delivers cutting edge cardiovascular care, developing new and unique therapies for cardiovascular disease and educating future leaders in cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

Goals include becoming a national leader for cardiovascular care, collaborating with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to become a national leader in managing adults with congenital heart disease, providing unprecedented opportunities for basic scientists and clinicians to collaborate and put Cincinnati on the forefront of medical discovery.

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Metabolic Diseases Initiatives

Lipid researcher.

The Cincinnati Diabetes and Obesity Center aspires to be the premier institution accelerating the discovery of treatments for diabetes and other metabolic disorders by conducting innovative research, enhancing clinical care and transforming professional and patient education programs in order to defeat these diseases.

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Neuroscience Initiatives

Joseph Clark, PhD

The UC Neuroscience Institute is dedicated to leading the advances in neurological and psychiatric care, research and education. By doing so, we are striving to be the Neuroscience Institute by which all others are measured.

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Medical students.For today’s aspiring physicians and researchers, the cost of medical education is quickly becoming prohibitive. In order to attract and educate the brightest, most promising students, scholarship support is vital. A lower burden of debt allows students to make professional choices based upon their aspirations, interests and passions.

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