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Clinical & Translational Research Funding Opportunities & Research Tips

There are many intramural funding opportunities available to Academic Health Center researchers.

We recommend visiting the CCTST’s funding webpage to view the latest opportunities:

Career opportunities are listed here:


NIH Project Reporter 
To provide NIH stakeholders with quick and easy access to basic information on NIH programs, the NIH has created a single repository of reports, data, and analyses, along with several tools for searching this database. Several different filters can be applied to find information specific to a particular NIH Institute or Center, funding mechanism, or topic of interest.

NIH Career Award Wizard
This Career Award Wizard is designed to help you identify an Individual NIH Career Award that might be right for you. Please be warned that it isn’t fool-proof. After you have identified a program that looks like it might work and you’ve downloaded and read the program announcement, please call the identified contact at the most likely funding Institute or Center and confirm your selection. This call might save you a lot of time and effort so it is very important to make that call before you begin work on your application.