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Master of Science in Clinical & Translational Research

Clinical Research Professionals (CRP) Track

Program Summary

The Master of Science in Clinical & Translational Research - Clinical Research Professionals track (MSCTR-CRP) is designed specifically for clinical research professionals who coordinate, manage, and lead collaborative research projects and clinical trials.

The program provides a strong foundation in research methodology and program/project management, including training in research ethics and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process. The disciplinary purpose and ultimate goal of the program is to provide clinical professionals with the necessary preparation for successful careers in clinical research. 

The CRP track is a 30 credit hour program designed to be completed in 2-3 years, on a part-time basis.

Successful graduates of the program will receive formal training in the management of clinical research, improving their abilities to coordinate and lead studies in a variety of settings, including academic health centers and pharmaceutical companies. Students will be able to demonstrate the organizational, communication, and operational skills needed to manage and execute complex clinical research projects; develop and implement procedures related to data management, research/regulatory documentation, and quality assurance; and lead and manage diverse clinical research teams effectively.

It is anticipated that most graduates of the program will hold positions as clinical research assistants, clinical research senior professionals, clinical research managers, clinical research directors, research nurses, clinical research coordinators (I-IV), senior clinical research coordinators, data managers, and research assistants.

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To earn the MSCTR-CRP, trainees must complete:

  • 30 graduate credit hours (including two thesis or capstone project credit hours from the posted curriculum)
  • A thesis or capstone project 


Students must complete 9 core courses for a total of 18-19 credit hours, and may fulfill the remaining 11-12 elective course credit hours by:

  • Completing an optional Focus Area;
  • Taking additional elective courses of choice; and/or
  • Participating in Non-Thesis Research - ENV-8091 (maximum of 6 credit hours) with an advisor's approval


MSCTR-CRP Core Curriculum + Optional Focus Areas (PDF)

Additional Program Information


Online Summer Session Information

Trainees may begin the MSCTR-PI, MSCTR-CRP, or Graduate Certificate programs in the Summer or the Fall. Most trainees begin the program by enrolling in the Summer Session, which runs from the first week in June through the end of July. All courses are offered online.

During the 8 weeks, students may enroll in the following courses:



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