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Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

Genomics, Epigenomics and Sequencing Core

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Genomics, Epigenomics and Sequencing Core

Core Overview

The Genomics, Epigenomics and Sequencing Core (GESC), originally named as Sequencing and Microarray Laboratory, was established in 1999. GESC is a fee-for-service, one-stop facility that provides genomics and epigenomics related service and collaboration to researchers at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and other institutions.

In 2012, GESC was transformed into the next generation sequencing-based core facility. Since then, it has been expanding its services and seamlessly integrated with the bioinformatics team for handling massive amounts of data generated by these services.

Equipped with Illumina sequencer and automated liquid handling system, GESC provides a wide variety of high-quality NGS services and continuously developing new methodologies to meet researchers’ requirements. In addition, it offers Illumina BeadChip assay and a series of other supportive services. The Core manager Xiang Zhang routinely provides consultation to researchers from sample preparation to experiment design. GESC is a small but highly efficient team. Nearly 100% of its expenses is paid from its service income.