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Trenching & Excavation Safety Resources

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Trench Safety Resource Page. The Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences is a proud recipient of a Susan Harwood Capacity Building Grant (#SH-05166-SH9) that will provide three new training opportunities in Trenching and Excavation Safety to companies who employ under 250 employees at no cost. Training with include a 2-hour introductory level module designed for workers which will focus on hazard recognition and avoidance, a 4-hour advanced level training for workers with some safety and hazard abatement responsibilities, and a third 6-hour employer level module explaining the regulatory responsibilities for employers under the OSH Act. Training will be available at one of the University of Cincinnati campuses or at your site. To receive more information and to schedule training with us contact us at or 513-558-1393.

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Resources for Workers & Employers

5 Things You Should Know to Stay Safe in a Trench (OSHA, DOL)

Video Resources (OSHA, DOL)

Other Online Resources

Upcoming Workshops

March 23-25, 2021: Global Excavation Safety Conference
Where: Tampa, FL
Cost: TBD

The Excavation Safety Conference & Expo is the premiere international event dedicated to providing educational content and resources to help protect buried assets. The Conference, owned and produced by Infrastructure Resources, LLC, is the largest event in the underground damage prevention industry, drawing nearly 1,700 participants and offering 80+ hours of educational content. With conference sessions, comprehensive workshops, numerous networking events, and 120+ exhibitors, it is the place to be if you are committed to the mission of reducing damages.

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