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Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

Risk Science Center (RSC)

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Partnerships for Stronger Science and Better Public Health Results 

In fulfilling our mission to protect public health, the Risk Science Center works to build partnerships between academia, industry, governments, and non-profits to utilize the best science in the development of risk assessment values and methods. Such partnerships and collaborations provide the opportunity to leverage scarce resources and can ensure that all available expertise and points of view are considered, thereby strengthening the scientific quality of the end results.   

The Risk Science Center fosters partnerships in a number of ways:

  • We organize diverse group of qualified experts to evaluate existing risk assessment reports (e.g., chemical risk value or methodology) to conduct independent peer reviews.
  • We work with qualified scientists from multiple sectors to collectively develop new risk assessment values, bringing the expertise of the diverse group to bear on scientific issues. 
  • We organize technical workshops to explore scientific issues and controversies related to risk assessment and risk methods.
  • We provide technical facilitation and oversight to help your group constructively address scientific disagreements.