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Targeted Research Training Program (TRT)

The objective is to offer interdisciplinary research training in the framework of developing, validating, and transferring emerging technologies and methods to improve worker health and safety. The proposed program builds on our existing TRT program, which was approved for funding in 2011. Initial focus of the TRT program was to assess firefighters’ cardiovascular risk factors, with a long-term goal to expand the program to healthcare workers. The TRT program is currently transitioning to emphasize healthcare, with a special focus on home healthcare. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows will be recruited as TRT trainees and will conduct their thesis research in this project. The central objective of the next five years will be to develop and validate a comprehensive and systematic framework for assessment and control of cumulative health and safety risks among home healthcare workers (HHCWs). The specific aims collect data on a range of documented or potential risk factors: 

Specific Aim 1:To quantify HHCWs’ exposures, including ergonomics and physical safety hazards, including ergonomic, fatigue levels, shift work, and physical hazards (e.g., lifting patients and medical equipment, biohazards, needlesticks, violence, environmental pests, dangerous pets, slip/trip/fall).

Specific Aim 2: Apply emerging technologies for assessing and controlling home healthcare workers’ exposures to aerosol (e.g., smoke, molds, fungi, etc) and chemical hazards (e.g., pharmaceutical, cleaning agent ingredients). 

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