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Occupational Safety & Health Engineering (OSHE)

The mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Engineering (OSHE) Program is to meet the national and regional needs in occupational safety and health engineering through education and research. The primary objective of the OSHE Program is to provide engineering graduate students with training in safety and health engineering to become highly capable safety professionals. A secondary objective of the Program is to introduce safety and health engineering to students who specialize in other engineering areas, enabling them to apply safety and health concepts in their engineering practice. The OSHE Program trains students through a set of fundamental safety courses, interdisciplinary projects and thesis or dissertation research to develop or evaluate an application of advanced engineering technologies to safety and health problems. Graduates from the OSHE Program become safety practitioners in public and private organizations, engineers who will design safer equipment or systems, and researchers focusing on occupational safety and health at laboratories, academia and industries.

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