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Education and Research Center (ERC)

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Education and Research Center (ERC)

The University of Cincinnati Education and Research Center (UC ERC) serves the regional and national needs in occupational safety and health through interdisciplinary academic education, research training and professional development courses. MS and Ph.D. degrees are offered; a wide range of continuing education courses are available for practicing professionals. Through outreach activities, research findings are shared with practitioners and research is translated to practice.

Programs are offered in Environmental and Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health Nursing, Occupational Medicine Residency, and Occupational Safety and Health Engineering. Specialized training can be obtained in Biomonitoring; This component program is designed to enhance the skills of students studying Environmental and Industrial Hygiene. Training in research methods is available through the Pilot Project Research Training Program and through Targeted Research Training. See details for each academic program in the side-bar for more information.

The UC ERC provides a broad selection of continuing education courses. Research findings are disseminated through Outreach and lead to better understanding of occupational exposures and result in changes in practice that reduce exposure to improve health.

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