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Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates:

Community Engagement Core (CEC)

Our Mission

The CEC is a division of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funded, Center for Environmental Genetics (CEG). We support the mission of the CEG by translating environmental human health science into easily understandable information, tools, and resources, as well as fostering relationships between CEG scientists and the greater community.

What's New?

Survey: A Community-Based Approach to Understanding and Improving Adherence to CDC COVID-19 Guidelines:

Survey Link:

Man Putting On COVID-19 Face Mask

  • Mask-wearing and social distancing are at rates less than 50% despite wide-spread requests and calls by community leaders and public health officials. It is imperative to better understand behavior and underlying motivation in order to design meaningful messaging in this area. 
  • This is a broad-based community survey to better understand current behavior and motivation.  
  • The results of this study will serve as a foundation for developing new messaging and to help overcome current barriers to increasing mask-wearing and social distancing behavior that does not overtly challenge underlying beliefs or fears.


The Details:

This survey is being conducted by the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to provide better information and resources to the general public about COVID-19 and personal safety. The results of this survey will be shared with researchers, healthcare professionals, and public decision-makers to help them better understand the public’s perspective regarding COVID-19. It will also be used to help develop factual and useful public health messages about the virus. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and your answers are anonymous.  If you are interested in receiving more information about COVID-19, we will invite you to provide an email address.

The project, CCTST C5G: A Community-Based Approach to Understanding and Improving Adherence to CDC COVID-19 Guidelines, is headed by co-investigators Jack Kues, Ph.D., and Melinda Butsch-Kovacic, Ph.D., and is funded by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.


Our CEC Aims:

Say 'Ah' Cincinnati Museum Center Medical Camp   CEG Member Tiina Reponen Educating Concerned Citizens on Mold   MPH Student, Devin Knutson using XRF equipment to measure lead levels in soil 


Increasing awareness & understanding of environmental health issues for youth, teachers, students (of all ages!), community members, doctors, nurses, and policy makers.



Increasing dialogue among CEG scientists and communities to stimulate and guide relevant community-engaged research activities. 



Promoting the field of community engagement through citizen science practices, new communication approaches, and data sharing.

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Interested in contacting the CEC?

Call CEC Program Manager, Angela Larck, at (513) 558-2221 or email