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  • Cancer-Detecting Mouthwash

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  • UC/CCM COVID-19 research: How bad is the news for voices and winds?

    A first-ever study at the University of Cincinnati has looked at just how performing music can spread the coronavirus and what musicians can do to reduce the risk. Hundreds of musicians and health professionals viewed a July 29 webinar announcing the findings. Article features comments and research from Jun Wang, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental & Public Health Sciences.
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  • James Lockey receives Excellence in Education or Research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine Award

    James E. Lockey, MD, FACOEM, Professor of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, was recognized for his illustrious academic career which has focused on the connection between occupational and environmental exposure and adverse human health effects. He has trained numerous residents in OEM-related pulmonary disorders and continues to serve as an advisor to medical students. He has authored 195 peer-reviewed papers, 7 since his “retirement.”
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