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Office of Medical Education

Medical Student Ultrasound Lab

The Office of Medical Education (OME) provides for central coordination of the curriculum and other educational programs, and ensures that all operational matters of the academic programs are compliant with accreditation standards dictated by the LCME.

Some of the ways the OME provides management and oversight of the medical curriculum include:

  • Administering the curriculum management system.
  • Providing support for the curriculum committees, the Educational Program Committee (EPC), and the Performance and Advancement Committees (PACs).
  • Overseeing the design and analysis of student performance in our curriculum.
  • Producing an annual report on medical education.
  • Overseeing the development of a Dynamic Student Dashboard to analyze how well the curriculum is performing.
  • Preparing reports and documentation for the LCME Self‐Study/survey visit for reaccreditation.
  • Providing consultation services to faculty on curriculum/course design, assessment, and analysis of course data.
  • Providing administrative support to course directors and co‐directors.
  • Overseeing student evaluations of our curriculum and faculty.
  • Facilitating student focus groups to identify opportunities for curriculum improvement.
  • Overseeing the mapping of our curriculum for the annual LCME Curriculum Inventory Upload.
  • Supporting and administering LCMS+, the curriculum management software.
  • Administering computerized examinations, analyzing results, and communicating these to course directors and students.
  • Maintaining a quarterly faculty electronic newsletter to keep faculty up‐to‐date on current research in medical education and the accomplishments of our faculty.
  • Presenting faculty development seminars and programs on teaching and learning.
  • Supporting faculty in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Ensuring UCCOM compliance with LCME accreditation elements and standards.

Serving the educational needs of 700 medical students, the OME achieves success through teamwork that is characterized by mutual respect and adaptability.

Throughout the ongoing process of continuous improvement of our curriculum, we embrace new ideas and are innovative in our thinking as we find the most effective and efficient ways to improve medical education based on the evidence and scholarly literature.

Pamela Baker
Pamela Baker, PhD

Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Professor of Medical Education

Pamela Baker
Bruce Giffin, M.S., PhD

Associate Dean for Medical Education
Department of Medical Education, Vice-chair
Associate Professor - Education