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Department of

Medical Education


Photo of  Philip Diller, MD, PhD

Philip Diller, MD, PhD

Senior Associate Dean

Primary Appointments

Photo of Heather Christensen

Heather Christensen

Assistant Professor - Educator

Photo of  Bruce Giffin, MS, PhD

Bruce Giffin, MS, PhD

Professor - Educator

Photo of Stephan Glasser

Stephan Glasser

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of  D Lowrie Jr., PhD

D Lowrie Jr., PhD

Professor - Educator

Photo of  Aaron Marshall, PhD

Aaron Marshall, PhD

Associate Professor - Educator

Photo of  Andrew Thompson, PhD

Andrew Thompson, PhD

Assistant Professor - Educator

Secondary Appointments

Photo of  Holly Bante, PhD, MPH

Holly Bante, PhD, MPH

Assist. VP for Ethics In Industry Engagement

Photo of  Erik Powell, MD

Erik Powell, MD

Assoc Professor - Clin Geo

Photo of  John Sacco, MD

John Sacco, MD

Volunteer Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Photo of  James Boex, PhD, MBA

James Boex, PhD, MBA

Professor Emeritus


Photo of  Martin Molony

Martin Molony

Mgr College Laboratory