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Department of

Cancer Biology - Wang Laboratory

Students/Technicians Mentored:

Name: Year: Degree: University: Position Now:
Chen Chen 2004-2005 Undergraduate Peking University Bayer, German
Weining Wu 2004-2005 Undergraduate Peking University P&G, China
Meredith Collins 2009 Rotation Ph.D. Univ. of Michigan Postdoc, UPenn
Vanessa Sui 2010-2013 Undergraduate Univ. of Michigan MD Student, UAB
Robert Chen 2013 MD Student Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.  
Jian Wen 2013-2015 MD Univ of Cincinnati China Medical Univ
Brittany Muncie 2019 Research Assistant Univ of Cincinnati  
Saher Ahmad 2019 High School Student Univ of Cincinnati