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Cancer Biology

Why Choose UC's Cancer & Cell Biology Graduate Program?

The mission for the CCB Graduate Program is to train the next generation of scientists and educators in basic mechanisms of molecular and cellular function with an emphasis on understanding mechanisms of cancers.

Exceptional Training

You will have exceptional opportunities to carry out important laboratory research in cancer and cell biology under the guidance of well-funded, experienced researchers.

Through focused classes, thesis committee meetings, journal clubs and meetings with faculty, you also will learn important conceptual and career skills: how to identify important unresolved questions, how to develop strategies for answering those questions, how to analyze data objectively as well as rigorously, and how to present your findings clearly and compellingly.

These technical and conceptual skills will prepare you for success in research, teaching, industry or the public sector.

Check out the successful track records of our alumni!

A Caring Community of Scholars

The faculty and students in the Graduate Program in Cancer and Cell Biology look out for each other – we help each other during professional and personal challenges and  the extent of collaboration among faculty and students is outstanding. This support extends beyond your graduation: CCB faculty will continue to help you advance in your career and your fellow CCB students will form the core of your professional and personal network.

A Great Place to Live and Work

UC and CCHMC have outstanding facilities and resources, with great fringe benefits.  Cincinnati is a fun and affordable place to live, with pleasant weather; lots of sports, music and theater; and great locations for eating, relaxing and, when you’re ready for it, five-star nightlife!

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