Today is Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020

UC Cancer Center

Community Tumor Registries

The following tumor registries exist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine for long-term research about cancer in our community.

Breast Cancer Registry of Greater Cincinnati

This registry seeks to better understand who has breast cancer in the Greater Cincinnati region and facilitates studies to identify factors that make people more susceptible to breast cancer, such as environmental chemicals, diet, radiation and genetic factors. For more information, call 513-558-0854 or e-mail

Familial Lung Cancer Study

This registry seeks people diagnosed with lung cancer, who also have a family history of one or more blood relatives (parents, brothers, sisters or grandparents) who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. These persons may be living or deceased. If the person is eligible, researchers then collect information and a blood specimen. For more information about getting involved, call 513-558-3120.

The Fernald Community Cohort

The Fernald Community Cohort consists of the 9,782 people who participated in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program from 1990 to 2008. This program was an eighteen year medical surveillance program for community residents living near the former US Department of Energy uranium processing site at Fernald (near Cincinnati), Ohio. The data and biospecimens of the cohort can be used to address a wide range of research questions, both non-exposure related and exposure related. Find out more about the program.