Today is Sunday, Sep. 27, 2020

UC Cancer Center

Gynecologic Oncology

In partnership with UC Health, the UC Cancer Center Gynecologic Oncology Center is focused on providing sophisticated surgical, post-surgical and chemotherapy care in a courteous, easy to access environment. Our team of double board-certified gynecologic oncologists is uniquely qualified to provide the discovery-driven cancer treatments both medical and surgical, and advanced pelvic surgery to give patients the best outcomes possible.

Researchers within the center are working to discover the reasons these cancers develop with hopes of improving standardized treatments for better patient outcomes.

Additionally, researchers are looking at ways to assess the quality of life for patients who experience this cancer, and studies are being conducted to look at the qualitative methods used to gauge this in gynecologic cancer patients with hopes of better understanding their efficacy and improving them.

Group of researchers viewing an MRI of a person's uterus on a screen projector


Amanda Jackson, MD
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Division of Gynecologic Oncology