Today is Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020

Body Donation Program

CARE/Crawley Building at sunrise.

About the Program

The unique gift of body donation gives a person the opportunity to make a direct and important contribution to medical teaching and/or research.

Body donation allows medical students to closely examine, evaluate and understand the detailed structure of the human body. It also provides physicians and research scientists with the opportunity to gain knowledge which may prolong or improve someone’s life and impact the future of medicine.

Without this program, medical science and the health care field would suffer a devastating setback. However, the kind and thoughtful act of body donation can prevent that.

How do I donate my body?

Simply contact the Body Donation Program at 513-558-5612. Forms will be sent which should be completed and distributed as indicated. Upon return of one copy to the Body Donation Program, a letter of acknowledgement and a wallet-sized donor information card will be sent to the donor.