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Department of

Biomedical Informatics

Collaborative Informatics Services Overview

The Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) focuses on computational approaches to problems in biomedical research. We maintain state-of-the-art computational infrastructures and analytical and technical services that are available on a shared basis to researchers affiliated with the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.


UC College of Medicine Research IT and Informatics Services

Services are provided through the department’s Center for Healthcare Informatics (CHI) and include:

  • Research IT - Secure servers and storage, high performance computing, specialty research software, data security and compliance measures.
  • Data Services - Honest Broker service, clinical data acquisition/harvesting and reporting for research, data integration, investigator data management, and faculty available for co-investigator roles.
  • Application development - Custom software and mobile application development; integrated data workflows; high performance computing; custom interfaces; data warehousing; specialty database, datamart, and research registry development; and clinical decision support systems.