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Photo of  Dennis McGraw, MD

Dennis McGraw, MD

Director, Veterans Hospital Pulmonary

Clinical Interest

Critical Care Medicine
Pulmonary Disease


Critical Care Medicine
Internal Medicine

  • Bachelor's Degree : Millsaps College
  • Medical Degree: University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Internship : University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Residency: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Fellowship: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Board Certifications & Licenses
  • American Board of Internal Medicine 09/13/1989
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (Pulmonary Disease) 11/04/1992
Contact Information
  • Medical Sciences Building
  • University of Cincinnati
  • 231 Albert Sabin Way
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0564
  • Office 513-558-4831
  • Fax 513-558-4858
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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