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Meet your Student Wellness Team

Picture of Ashley Bowdy

Ashley Bowdy


Student Groups: Peds Club, Peds Scholars, Med Mentors, SWC
Research Interests: Pediatrics, Mental Health, Stress
Career Goals: Pediatrics
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Exercise, walking outside, staying in touch with friends and family
Hobbies: Listening to audiobooks and true crime podcasts, Netflix, reading, napping


Picture of Becca Carr

Becca Carr


Student Groups: Pediatric Medical Student Scholar, Women Leading Healthy Change (Women's Health Coordinator), MedMentors, Student Wellness Committee (Co-President)
Research Interests: Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Pediatrics
Career Goals: I am open to various specialties, but aspire to have a balanced career where I can care for my patients with compassion and respect.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Cooking healthy meals, getting outside, dogs, trying new foods and restaurants, spending time with family and friends
Hobbies: Reading, spending time with animals, baking
Picture of Alex Gillotte

Alexandra Gillotte


Student Groups: Clinical Core Competency Subcommittee, Camp Cardiac, Bearcat Mentors, Anatomy Practice Practical Team and Students for a National Health Program, SWC

Research Interests: Family Medicine and Social Determinants of Health
Career Goals: Family medicine with a fellowship in integrative medicine
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Meditate before every exam, go to the gym 5 days a week, and set a timer on my phone when I am upset or disappointed about something so that I spend less time dwelling about what has happened/ things.
Hobbies: Hiking, playing soccer, baking/cooking, and traveling
Picture of Olivia Kerekes

Olivia Kerekes


Student Groups: Bearcat Mentors, MedVoUC (health fair coordinator), SWC
Research Interests: Radiology
Career Goals: Currently undecided but excited to explore different specialties
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Practicing yoga, going for walks, napping, spending time with friends and family
Hobbies: Running, trying new coffee shops, training my two pups.


Picture of Alex Kinzer

Alex Kinzer


Student Groups: Peds Club, Women Leading Healthy Change, SWC (co-president)
Research Interests: Chronic disease
Career Goals: Pediatrics or Obstetrics and Gynecology
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Spending time outside and with friends and family
Hobbies: Running, cooking/baking, reading


Picture of Chelsey Miller

Chelsey Miller


Student Groups: Peds Club, Med Mentors, and the Pediatric Medical Student Scholars Program, SWC
Research Interests: Quality Improvement and Pediatrics
Career Goals: Pediatrics and potentially sub-specialize in a field that allows me to treat pediatric chronic illnesses.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Meditation and Running
Hobbies: Rock climbing, reading Jane Austen novels, petting dogs, and playing board games with my friends.
Picture of Annamarie Nocera

Annamarie Nocera


Student Groups: Psychiatry student interest group, SWC
Research Interests: Gut microbiome changes with ketogenic diet for epilepsy
Career Goals: Doctor
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Taking time to do things with friends
Hobbies: Running 


Picture of Lily Qian

Lily Qian


Student Groups: Chorus, Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests: Neurology, Emergency Medicine
Career Goals: Be the best doctor I can be
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Journaling, meditating, cooking
Hobbies: Cooking, volleyball, art, music, dog walking


Picture of Justin Richards

Justin Richards


Student Groups:  Student Wellness Committee 
Research Interests: Addiction, Depression, Personality Disorders
Career Goals: Psychiatry
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Mindful meditation, Exercise and embodiment, Self-reflection (emotions/patterns etc.)
Hobbies: Philosophy, Astrophysics, Exercise, Drawing
Picture of Chase Stevens

Chase Stevens


Student Groups: SNMA, AMA, SWC
Research Interests: Women's health, reproductive health, substance abuse
Career Goals: Psychiatrist that focuses on pain management and vulnerable populations
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Yoga, meditation, retail therapy
Hobbies: Yoga, reading, bowling



Picture of Kyler Wilson

 Kyler Wilson


Student Groups: SWC, SNMA
Research Interests: Medical Anthropology & Family Medicine
Career Goals: Correctional Medicine and Family Medicine
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Sleep, Working out, Connecting with love ones, Prayer, Rapping
Hobbies: Writing poems/raps and watching Anime



Meet your Student Wellness Ambassadors


Picture of Erik McKee

Erik McKee


Student Groups: Student Wellness Committee, Take 10 CPR, Med Mentors, Ophthalmology Interest Group
Research Interests: Ophthalmology
Career Goals: To make a tangible, hands-on impact in the lives of my patients while maintaining a work-life balance
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: I enjoy listening to guided meditations. Weightlifting and running are also great for stress-relief, especially done outdoors!
Hobbies: Exercising, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Skiing, and Netflix binging
Picture of Chelsea McElroy

Chelsea McElroy


Student Groups: Student Wellness Committee, PM&R Interest Group, Women Leading Healthy Change
Research Interests: Pediatric traumatic brain injury
Career Goals: I hope I can have long term relationships with patients and improve their day-to-day lives.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Hanging out with my puppy (especially outside), mindfulness exercises
Hobbies: Also hanging out with my puppy, cooking, reading too many true-crime stories

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