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Criteria and Nomination Instructions

The Daniel Drake Medal is the highest recognition the College of Medicine can bestow on its former students, faculty and residents or current faculty. It is awarded to living individuals who have been associated with the College of Medicine at present or in the past. Nominees are evaluated on the basis of outstanding scholarly achievements in biomedical science as evidenced by major significant contributions to medical research and/or a distinguished career as a clinician-teacher. Generally two awards are given annually.

To be eligible, a nominee must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Have received a Ph.D. degree from one of the programs of the College of Medicine
  • Have been a member of the College of Medicine faculty for five or more years
  • Have completed a residency or fellowship in a College of Medicine program sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Medical Center or Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Each nomination should include:

  • A nomination letter which indicates as specifically as possible the accomplishments of the candidate
  • A completed nomination form further describing the candidate’s attributes
  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vita Supporting external letters of recommendation (at least 2 but no more than 5) concerning the candidate
  • The candidate’s NIH biosketch

In judging nominees, importance will be given to recognition by prestigious professional societies and other national or international organizations of an individual’s unusual and productive talents and the impact of his/her contributions, not only on the strength and reputation of the College of Medicine, but on basic and clinical health-related research generally in the United States and internationally.

The committee also will be considering those who have been nominated in the past who have not received the award. If you will be nominating someone who has been previously nominated, please submit an updated nomination letter.


Nominations are being solicited from members of the College of Medicine faculty, alumni, emeriti, past Daniel Drake medalists and former associates of the College through January 31, 2020. Shortly after the close of nominations, there will be a review of all nominees received by the Selection Committee. After consideration of the nominees, the Committee will recommend several candidates to the Dean, who makes the final decision. Medal recipients will be notified by the Dean and will receive their medals during the Honors Day program on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Medal recipients also will be honored that evening at the annual Daniel Drake Dinner.

View the list of past medalists.


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Contributions Upon Which the Nominations is Based:

Please be as specific as possible by considering the following categories and weighing them on a 0 (none) to a 5 (most) designation. It is unlikely that any one nominee will have achievements in all categories. Since there is great variation in quantitative information available in curriculum vitas, your category for weighting will help the Selection Committee compare candidates based on their individual strengths:

For Clinician-Teacher Award – Rank (0-5)

Leadership role in medical or graduate school courses

Leadership role in resident training

Nationally recognized participant in educational development or health/policy

Teaching and other (educational) national awards

Leadership role in national societies for medical education and practice

Publications in medical journals

Authored books and chapters

Service on certifying and/or licensing boards

Leadership role in department (Director or Chair)

Involvement in teaching medical students and residents

Distinguished clinical (referrals, consults, etc.) activities

For Biomedical Investigator Award – Rank (0-5)

Impactful publications in scientific journals

Impactful authored biomedical books and chapters

Grants/Contracts - research support as principal investigator

Scientific or other national awards

Invited speaker: National and International meetings

Service on NIH, NSF and foundation grants review and scientific advisory boards

Leadership role in national scientific organizations

Nationally recognized participant in scientific development or health/policy

Leadership role in medical or graduate school courses

Graduate students (MS and Ph.D.) as major advisor

Leadership role in department (Director or Chair)

Involvement in teaching medical/graduate students and/or residents

Please send your letter of nomination, the nominee’s CV, letters of recommendation (at least 2 but no more than 5) and NIH biosketch, along with this completed form.

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Daniel Drake Winner

2014 Daniel Drake Medalist

John J. O’Shea Jr., MD