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Department of

Orthopaedic Surgery

About the Fellowship Program

The UC Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Division of Sports Medicine, offers a multi-disciplinary, primary care sports medicine fellowship that provides the opportunity for physicians trained in a variety of primary specialties to obtain subspecialty training in sports medicine. The goal of the fellowship is to teach the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective clinical practice in sports medicine.

This fellowship provides physicians with hands-on clinical training, teaching experience, and instruction in research methodology, with the goal of preparing them to become skilled clinicians and leaders in academic sports medicine.

The fellowship currently accommodates two fellowship positions: one for emergency medicine physicians and one for primary care physicians. Both positions are ACGME accredited and are filled through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).

Our program is one of the few primary care fellowships in the country with opportunity to take care of athletes from two NCAA Division 1 schools - the University of Cincinnati and Miami University.

Fellows are involved in the direct care of over 600 athletes at both institutions and learn working alongside experienced teaching faculty and through independent learning experiences.

In the same fashion, teaching faculty members are also involved in the care of athletes at 23 local high schools. Fellows will have more chances for independent learning opportunities by being assigned as team physician for one of these schools.