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Orthopaedic Surgery

Sports Medicine Division

The Division of Sports Medicine has received local and national recognition for its contributions to the field of sports medicine. Care of the injured athlete at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine means many things, including superb patient care utilizing the most advanced orthopaedic and physical therapy modalities, research and education, intercollegiate and interscholastic sports coverage and community service.

The division serves the needs of a variety of patients from the elite athlete, both pre- and post-surgical, to the treatment of all common athletic injuries found in “weekend warriors”. The division is extremely active in amateur, college and professional athletics throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

The objective of sports medicine rotation is to provide the resident with a broad overview of sports medicine orthopaedics. Residents are intimately involved with the care and treatment of the University of Cincinnati athletes as well as professional and high school athletes. This PGY-2 and PGY-4 rotation includes a clinical exposure in the busy Clifton sports medicine clinic, surgical experience in the operating room, and hands-on clinical experience in the University of Cincinnati Varsity Village sports complex and training room.

Didactic lecture include a weekly sports medicine conference and monthly journal club, which reviews all current sports medicine literature. An arthroscopic bioskills laboratory is available for the residents' use and teaching.

Faculty of the Sports Medicine Division consist of Bret Betz, MD, Bart Branam, MD, Angelo Colosimo, MD, Steven Dailey, MD, Jon Divine, MD, Michael Donaworth, MD, Tim Foster, MD, Brian Grawe, MD, and Christopher Utz, MD.

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