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Department of

Orthopaedic Surgery

Joint Reconstruction Division

The Division of Joint Reconstruction offers residents a well-rounded approach encompassing surgery, inpatient care, and outpatient evaluation of patients with arthritis. The rheumatology subset division refers patients with a full spectrum of arthritic diseases amenable to surgery.

In this PGY-4 rotation, the resident assumes progressively more independent responsibility. Joint replacement surgery is the major focus, but residents also address osteotomies of the knee and hip and surgical management of arthritic conditions of the shoulder and elbow. On completion, residents will have a good foundation of skills to build on in the fifth year.

A clinical database collects patient information prospectively and is an excellent resource for research projects throughout the residency. Monthly conferences cover various topics in reconstructive surgery.

Faculty of the Joint Reconstruction Division consist of Todd Kelley, MD and T. Toan Le, MD.

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