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Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute

Heart, Lung and Vascular Centers and Programs of Distinction


One of several unique aspects of the Institute is its foundation, built on a theme of health and disease continuums or “life cycles.” This approach acknowledges that health is an active process and similarly, disease has an origin, one or more modifying elements and variable clinical presentations. With this in mind, the goal of the Institute is to identify common and rare conditions, diseases and disorders and develop a longitudinal, multi-dimensional plan of scientific investigation, training, education and patient care.

The UC Heart, Lung and Vascular has formed Centers and Programs to bring together clinical and research faculty from diverse disciplines to address important concerns of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary medicine.  They focus the collective expertise of our diverse faculty on emerging areas in heart, lung and vascular disease and systematically identify multi-disciplinary “touch points” for illness predisposition, initial symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.


Programs of Distinction

  • Aging, Regeneration and Cardiopulmonary Disease Simulation
  • Primordial Cardiology and Life Cycles of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Scientist in Residence Program
  • Mentored Research Career Development Program

More Information

Institute Director:
Richard Becker, MD

HLVI Program Manager:
Mindy John

HLVI Administrative Assistant:
Lana Roberson