Urban Health Project University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Good Samaritan Free Health Center

  • Contact Info
  • Price Hill Health Center
  • 3727 St. Lawrence St.
  • Cincinnati, OH 45205
  • Site Supervisor: Linda Smith-Berry and Cathy Rafales

Site Description
The Good Samaritan Free Health Center (GSFHC) is a clinic in Price Hill that serves adults in Hamilton County with low incomes who do not have Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance. Staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses, the GSFHC helps people who struggle with costs of or access to health care. The GSFHC serves as an alternative to the emergency department for patients with chronic health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The GSFHC helps fill a need for health related services including prevention, treatment, wellness and education.

Job Description
The intern will...

  • • Sit with patients to explain and complete financial assistance for referrals.
  • • Call patients to explain financial assistance process for referrals, call them to check to see if they have completed the process.
  • • Fax referrals to the hospital they need to go to.
  • • Document all referrals and calls in Epic.
  • • Call to schedule referral appointments.
  • • Make sure patients have transportation and know how to get to their appointments.
  • • Call patients to follow-up on their appointment.
  • • Mail letters to patients who cannot be reached by phone.
  • • Quality improvement in the Community Healthy Worker office.
  • • Explain to patients how they can get pharmacy services and medications.
  • • Occasional diabetes diet counseling.
  • • Order educational materials for the clinic.
  • • Office maintenance tasks.
  • • Serve as contact person with the CSA greenhouse.
  • • Interpret for Spanish-speaking patients (if bilingual in Spanish).

Intern Experience Summary