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Scott Belcher, PhD.
Associate Professor
M.S. Ohio State University, 1990
Ph.D. University of Texas SW Medical Center, 1993

Our laboratory’s research is focused on understanding fundamental molecular mechanisms that regulate development and survival of neurons and glia in the mammalian nervous system. One of our major research efforts is aimed at fully understanding the role played by the endogenous steroid hormone estrogen during development and aging of the central nervous system (CNS). We are employing neuroanatomical, molecular biological, as well as genomic and proteomic approaches to elucidate the signaling pathways that are modulated by endogenous and environmental estrogens in different brain regions. Recent results from our laboratory have shown that estrogen and certain environmental estrogens can regulate both mitogenesis and viability of developing non-endocrine neurons through novel mechanisms that are mediate through a membrane associated estrogen receptor.
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