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I/We acknowledge that the rules and regulations governing the usage of College of Medicine facilities. I/We acknowledge that my/our organization in the absence of posting a bond, will be financially responsible (1) for any damage caused by my/our use of Kresge Auditorium or College classroom; and (2) for any charges assessed by the College for services provided in connection with the above event.

I/We also acknowledge that the COLLEGE OF MEDICINE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION THE USE OF ANY COLLEGE FACILITY. It is further acknowledged that the College of Medicine reserves the right to cancel the Agreement FOR USE OF KRESGE AUDITORIUM AND CLASSROOMS any time prior to the date of the scheduled event and that the undersigned and his/her/their organization will hold harmless the College of Medicine, the University of Cincinnati, and any of their employees for taking such action.

I/We acknowledge that I/we received a copy of the SPECIFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE USE OF KRESGE AUDITORIUM.

I/We acknowledge and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations which govern the College of Medicine Facilities.

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