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The Health Sciences Graduate Student Association (HSGA) is a student organization at the University of Cincinnati which serves Graduate students in the Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy. Through HSGA's affiliation with the UC Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA), members may apply for GSGA travel grants.

HSGA activities and services are free to all graduate students, and all students are encouraged to get involved. Meetings are held in MSB 2301 at 5:15pm on approximately the 1st, 5th and 9th Thursday of each academic semester. See the Google calendar below for exact dates. At least one representative from each program must be present at these meetings; however we encourage all students to attend and enjoy free food and drinks.

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UC-GSGA Awards

Free travel funds - Learn about them now! Through the HSGA's affiliation with the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA), all graduate students in the Health Sciences are eligible to receive award money for research expenses and conference travel. Amounts of these awards are limited to $500 per academic year - of which a maximum of $400 may be used for travel (the amount is subject to change if the source funds get cut). Please read more details about all the awards on the offical GSGA website. You can find the links at the "Highlights" right side bar. <Research Awards>: Competitive research awards are available to University of Cincinnati Graduate students thanks to Dr. Sandra Degen and the Office of Research. These funds may be used for the purchase of materials or consumable related to the student's research or to fund travel required for research activity. Travel expenses from this award MAY NOT include expenses related to scientific conferences. If you are attending or presenting at such a conference, you may instead apply for partial or full conference travel awards. <Partial Conference Travel Awards>: Awards of up $100 are available for defraying the costs of traveling to conferences at which you are not presenting your work. These funds are offered as reimbursement after your return from the conference. Click here to learn more about the application and reimbursement procedure for partial conference travel awards. <Full Conference Travel Awards>: Awards of up $400 are available for defraying the costs of travelling to conferences at which you ARE presenting your work. Like the partial travel awards, these funds are offered as reimbursement after your return from the conference. Click here to learn more about the application and reimbursement procedure for full conference travel awards.

HSGA Officers

Gregory Bick President* Jed Kendall Vice-President*
Shelly Glaunert Treasurer* Ozlem Erden Secretary*
Ryan Makinson Community Service Rylon Hofacer Social Chair
Will Scott Webmaster * Can sign GSGA Travel Request/Reimbursement Forms

Committee Representatives

GSGA Representitive Anne Vonkosam
Faculty Council Rahul D'Mello
Committee on Graduate Education Garrett Rhyasen
Health Sciences Library Committee Garrett Rhyasen
Teaching Enhancement Committee Sarah Cassella

Program Representatives

Biomedical Engineering ShenWen Huang Biomedical Sciences FLEX Program Jessica Tepe
Cancer and Cell Biology Anne VonKoschembahr Environmental Health Matt Jackson
Genetic Counseling Heidi Malkuch Immunobiology Harini Raghu
Medical Physics NA Molecular, Cellular & Biochemical Pharmacology Mianna Armstrong
Molecular & Developmental Biology Robyn Amos-Kroohs Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology Diana Koch
Neuroscience Haley Titus-Mitchell Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Meaghan Waltmann
Physical Therapy Gary Johnson Physician Scientist Training Program

Adam Burr

Public Health Valerie Lasko Systems Biology Kim Sun Wook

Connected with Us

The HSGA hosts a number of events every year from happy hours to Reds games to charity walks to alternative careers seminars. We're also a source of important information such as fellowship and travel award deadlines. All of this is on our website, but you can stay informed by reading our email listserv, checking out our Google Calendar, or following us on Facebook. The MED-OHSGS Listserv is an email distribution list for use by health sciences graduate students. It is used for announcements about meetings, events, and general information. This is not your program coordinator's listserv! On average you might receive 3-5 emails per month. The list is used for important announcements, not discussion. All subject headers contain the string "[MED-OHSGS]" for easy email filtering. How to join in the mailing list? -> Be in the UC school network and Click [Join in] (make sure you're using school's internet connection! If you're home, use VPN to connect to school network.). How to get off the mailing list? To remove yourself from our listserv, send an email from the subscribed address to Listserv@listserv.uc.edu. In the subject and body write "Unsubscribe MED_OHSGS." .

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