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January 4 Mario Medvedovic, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital and University of Cincinnati
Using public-domain genomics data to interpret results of new genomics experiments
January 18 Evangelia (Litsa) Kranias, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Calcium circuits in the heart: A matter of life and death
February 8 David Abbott, PhD
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Madison, WI
Metabolomic and epigenetic contributions to developmental programming of female reproductive and metabolic dysfunction
February 22 Christian R Hong, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Molecular mechanism of circadian rhythms in Neurospora crassa

March 1

Khawaja H Haider, MPharm, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Stem cells for myocardial regeneration
April 12 David Plas, PhD
Unviersity of Cincinnati
Controlling the switches that regulate oncogenic metabolism
April 26 S Steven Potter, PhD
University of Cincinnati and
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Microdissection of the genetic program of neurogenesis
May 10 John Cuppoletti, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Prostones as ion-channel activators and treatments for disease
May 24 Thomas L Beck, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Computational studies of ion transport through H+/Cl transporters
May 31 Peter J Stambrook, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Maintaining genomic integrity in somatic and embryonic stem cells
June 17 Markus Paulmichl, MD
Paracelsus Medical University
Salzburg, Austria
Structure–function relation of human pendrin: The role of pendrin in asthma bronchiale

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