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Robert O. Banks, PhD
Course Director, Medical Physiology
Program Director, MS in Physiology


One of the goals of our research program is to elucidate the physiological factors that regulate the excretion of sodium by the kidney. Experiments in our laboratory have focused on determining to what extent and in what fashion a number of vasoactive factors including histamine, atrial natriuretic factor, endothelin, nitric oxide, and angiotensin II are involved in the regulation of renal hemodynamics in normal and disease states.

A second major goal of our research program has been to further elucidate the renal complications associated with non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) and insulin dependent diabetes (IDDM). A focus of these studies has been to determine to what extent changes in both the expression and message for renal glucose transporters correlates with an important functional variable of glucose transport within the kidney, namely the renal transport maximum (the TmG), in animals with IDDM and with NIDDM.


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